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Pishgamaan Crowned Best National Cooperative...

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Cooperativeness Nature, Pishgamaan Dry Port’s Strong Point: Cooperatives Ministe...

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Cooperatives Empower Social Entrepreneurship...

Honors of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group

Honors of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group: . Ranking of top cooperative rank from 1385 to 1395 . Ranking the top national cooperative rank in 2011 and 1395 . Getting the title of the premier industry in 1395 . The Perspective of the Cooperative Department in 1395 . Selected as a Sample Entrepreneur in 20...
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Vision,Value And Service

Financial and credit services with the name of Noor Credit Institution,Modern insurance services with the name of Taavon Insurance Institute, Iran’s first “cooperative dry harbor”, The only Iranian owner of international optical fiber in high seas around the world, Provider of high speed internet (A...

Employment Diversity

Fix Communication Protocol Operator, Optical Fiber and bandwidth Operator, Production and assembly companies of electronic boards, compact fluorescent lamps, etc., The company of producing paper from stone, Supply Chain and Logistics, Transportation, Network safety, Software and content production, ...

History of our Co-op

Pishgaman Cooperative Group was established 22 years ago as a result of ingenuity of a number of Yazdi elite. Commencing its activities on internet-based information exchange made the group an exemplary company in cooperative sphere

The vast range of activities in Pishgaman Cooperative Group including cooperatives, social justice, absorbing microfinance from people, providing attractive and popular ideas, electronic and telecommunication services, exclusive possession of optic fiber in free waters have all tremendously expanded the group

  Therefore, new areas of activities emerged. A brief look at 22 years of fruitful activities in Pishgaman Cooperative Group, currently possessing 30 subsidiaries and over 40 thousand shareholders, reveals that the company has now turned into a specialized union of infrastructures in cooperative sector. One also learns that whenever, in Yazd or other areas in the country, a major project will national benefits was discussed; Pishgaman offered a supporting hand based on cooperative principles

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