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“Insistence on quality” certificate presented to Pishgaman Tose-e Ertebatat Comp...

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Yazd Provincial Governor demanded rapid acceleration in Pishgaman Dry Port devel...

What is a co-operative?

Cooperatives are small special economic firms that contribute directly or indirectly to national production, Entrepreneurship, and workforce attraction, and often have independent ownership. Cooperatives are in fact non-governmental organizations that are formed by the members, with their full control, and ar...
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Vision,Value And Service

Financial and credit services with the name of Noor Credit Institution,Modern insurance services with the name of Taavon Insurance Institute, Iran’s first “cooperative dry harbor”, The only Iranian owner of international optical fiber in high seas around the world, Provider of high speed internet (A...

Employment Diversity

Fix Communication Protocol Operator, Optical Fiber and bandwidth Operator, Production and assembly companies of electronic boards, compact fluorescent lamps, etc., The company of producing paper from stone, Supply Chain and Logistics, Transportation, Network safety, Software and content production, ...

History of our Co-op

Pishgaman Cooperative Group, as Iran’s biggest cooperative group in the field of information technology, started its work for the first time in 1997 by opening a firm in the field of I.T. using the knowledge and ability of capable locals. This group soon improved its activities and expanded its geographic domination, and got more closed to its goals.

Not only this group is the first in the field of I.T. in the country, but it also has entered many other areas by hardworking, faith, strength and perseverance. Pishgaman Group is confident for the support of 42120 shareholders from around the country, and tries hard to keep this support as its wealth forever. Today Pishgaman Cooperative Group supports 30 firms and has global outlook. Four main principles of this group are trust in God, thinking, commitment and cooperation and tries to use these to be the best in the industry.

The slogan of Pishgaman Group is “we have risen from Yazd, thinking global” and all its goals are to improve more and more. Some new areas that are going to be added to the group soon are: being a member of cooperative insurance services, launching Pishgaman Financial and Credit Institution, starting and developing international fiber network from Oman to Chabahar, developing cultural and sport team, and etc.

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