Bazargaam Startup Shoulder to Shoulder with People in Corona Crisis


Bazargaam Startup Shoulder to Shoulder with People in Corona Crisis

The General Manager and the founder of Bazargaam Startup, Amir Hossein Rezaeinejad, said winning customers’ satisfaction has been a vision his startup has always followed, while highlighting that Bazargaam has constantly walked along people in harsh crisis of Corona pandemic, reported the Public Relations of Pishgaaman Cooperative Group.

 According to Rezaeinejad, Bazargaam commenced its activities in 2018, aiming at shortening the distance between farms and tables with a direct target of eliminating middlemen.

Currently, Pishgamaan online fruit distribution system, known as Bazargaam, is active in Tehran, Alborz, Yazd, Isfahan and Kerman provinces with focusing on supplying high quality fruits with competitive prices, said Rezaeinejad.  

 According to Rezaeinejad, Bazargaam brings numerous advantages for customers including buying high quality and inexpensive fruits, saving time and money, reducing traffic and pollution, caring for sanitary limitations under the pandemic circumstances, and preventing large crowds in fruit stores.

 Pointing to Covid-19 pandemic, he emphasized that the most important measure to take is to stay home and observing social distances while Bazargaam tries to play a crucial role in this regard.

Rezaeinejad added that after the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, the Group kept its strategy of social responsibility, deciding to distribute free fruits in a number of hospitals across the city of Yazd. He also mentioned the current potentials in Pishgaaman Cooperative Group including a refrigerated warehouse with the capacity of a few thousand tons of fruits as well as Pishgaaman Post Operator Company. “Citizens and fellow Iranians can order their fruit through Bazargaam with the highest quality and up to 30 percent cheaper than market in hygienic packages at their door”, said Rezaeinejad.

The general manager of the first Iranian online fruit distribution system added that pockets used for delivering the fruits and vegetables are made from stone papers made by Pishgaaman Cooperative Group. He emphasized that neither tress nor water are wasted in production of stone papers and that is a huge contribution to preserving the environment.

 He ultimately acknowledged people for welcoming Bazargaam Startup services, saying the company has been confirmed by the President’s scientific and technology office. He expressed hope that developing innovative businesses could create suitable grounds for production boost, lessening unemployment, and improving economic situation.