Goods Practically Cleared through Pishgamaan Dry Port

Goods Practically Cleared through Pishgamaan Dry Port

The customs facilities are established in Pishgamaan Cooperative Dry Port and goods are practically cleared, Pishgamaan Cooperative Group’s public relations quoted Mohammad Reza Shahsavari, the dry port’s general manager.

 According to the report, the completion of the first phase in Yazd, as the country’s geographical center, together with full employment of rail transportation terminal inside the port have enabled the merchants to clear their goods through Pishgamaan Dry Port.

 Shahsavari added that all the infrastructures have been provided and all the merchants and commercial entities can benefit from the services in dry port. Other services available include warehouse services, refrigeration, rail and transportation all of which with reasonable expenses.

 According to Shahsavari, such development will pave the way for easy clearance and exporting goods to domestic and foreign destinations, hoping that export to neighboring countries through Pishgamaan Dry Port would speed up.