People’s Trustworthy for 25 years


 Benefiting from micro investments in the form of shareholding in cooperative companies to implement mega projects





Pishgamaan Dry Port: a safe economic zone in the center of state


 Iran’s first cooperative dry port


 Providing customs and clearance services


 Multi-modal transportation services (rail, land, and marine), online tracking of goods, a collection of general warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, weighbridges, and packaging services


 Integrating logistic services


 Advisory and implementation of services and rail transportation





The Sole Iranian Owner of Optical Fiber in High Seas


  Providing international bandwidth services


 Providing specific bandwidths, ADSL2+ high-speed internet as well as VDSL2 central internet


 Providing NGN smart landline telephones, urban Wi-Fi internet


Holding the permit to establish and utilize FCP or fixed communications provider network as well as LTE permit





 The Sole and the First Iranian Cooperative Post Company


Providing all postal services based on state-of-art information services





 The fastest Assembling Line to Produce Electronic Boards


Manufacturer of different types of efficient illumination products as well as smart biometric attendance systems







The first Production Line to Produce Paper out of Stone


Aimed at protecting the environment





Bazargaam: Biggest Online Network to Buy and Sell Fruits in Iran


Saving one’s time and costs by eliminating unnecessary middlemen in the agriculture sector





Most Advanced Production Line to Produce Fruit Concentrate and Fruit-Based Products


The biggest producer of dried fruits in Iran




Ticket Sale Services, together with domestic and foreign tours





Providing Modern Insurance Services





 Pioneer in Expansion of Business Atmospheres & Startups


Supporting new businesses, innovative youth, fresh ideas, and knowledge-based companies in Pishgamaan Accelerator





 Pioneer in Social, Educational, Cultural and Sports Activities


Financially and spiritually supporting talented orphan students, providing educational services with an official permit from the Technical and Vocational Education Bureau