Familiarity with the Agricultural Supply Chain in Pishgaman Cooperative Group

Familiarity with the Agricultural Supply Chain in Pishgaman Cooperative Group

Pishgaman Cooperative Group, in spite of the necessary conditions and infrastructures, including: tow-circuited & multi-thousand-ton cold-storages, as well as the postal operator’s license and the fruit shopping online system “Bazargam”, allows customers to get their needful fruits and vegetables with the best quality and saving time, as well as save up to 30% of the product price in the form of packing on-site delivery.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group;

Mr. Mohammad Reza Rezaeinejad, CEO of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, in an interview with the news agency of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives, stated that: Pishgaman Cooperative Group works in the field of cooperation, social justice, attracting people’s micro-capital and presentation of attractive and popular ideas in the course of: IT, logistics, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, startups & innovation, sanitation & health, insurance & advertising.

He also by referring to the agricultural supply chain in this union, said that: the agricultural supply chain in Pishgaman Cooperative Group, based on the needs assessment of this sector, includes: purchase, supply and distribution of market fruits and basic goods such as meat and poultry as a logistics base.

Mr. Rezaeinejad added: construction of advanced hydroponic greenhouses on a 100-hectare land, negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and Innovation & Prosperity Fund for investment to set up a seed line, construction a 16,500-ton silo for the purchase and storage of livestock in Pishgaman Dry Port and distribution in Yazd and southern provinces are another programs of Pishgaman Cooperative Group in the field of agriculture.

According to him; in order to improve the supply chain, Pishgaman Cooperative Group has established the following companies:


The lack of suitable cold-storage in the province for storing food in agricultural products forced us to build two-circuit cold-storage (below and above zero) with 39 halls and a total of 15,000 tons, which are now ready to provide services to producers and merchants in observance with all necessary standards.


According to the existing infrastructures in Bandar-e-Khoshk (Dry Port), the capable transportation company and the operator license of Parsi Post, managing of services and logistics, is issued; in this way, the fruits are supplied from different orchards and after processing and sorting operations in Pishgaman warehouses and cold storages, are stored with a capacity of 70,000 tons, and sent to Tehran and the cities under Bazargam activity with appropriate packaging by the transportation company.


Bazargam, which is one of the approved startups by the Vice President of Science and Technology, has very good and successful experiences of attending international exhibitions of Technology, ELECOMP, etc. which made attract people of provided service by Bazargam system. Also Bazargam complex, by completing FMCG products, is trying to deliver these high-consumption products to the final consumer with the best price and quality, by eliminating intermediaries.


Echobaar or Ecopost is a platform for moving cargo and fast delivery of goods with using the cargo capacity of air passengers and completely online. Some of the features of Echopost are: low cost, delivery of your shipments to the destination in less than 24 hours and in a completely safe and guaranteed manner, and fast delivery of goods by using the cargo capacity of air passengers.

Parsi Post:

We, as a logistics specialists, plan, implement and control a large part of the supply chain process, including; storage and flow the efficient and effective of goods, services and related information from starting point to the consumption point in order to elimination of customer’s necessities.

Pishgaman Post provides such services through establishing logistics centers, and can lessen the concerns of goods owners of reducing the cost.

Fruit and Juice Products:

Fruit concentrate is produced from a continuous process of washing, slicing and crushing, heating, blanching, aromatization and clarification pressing, and refining operations, and this process eventually leads to condensation. Water elimination and reduced weight of food are the properties of concentrate production in fruits and ultimately its transportation is easier and less expensive. Fruit concentrate is composed of amino acid nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and calcium and is used in the fields of: making juice, compote, fruit-roll, jam and confectionery, etc.