Honors of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group

Honors of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group:

. Ranking of top cooperative rank from 1385 to 1395

. Ranking the top national cooperative rank in 2011 and 1395

. Getting the title of the premier industry in 1395

. The Perspective of the Cooperative Department in 1395

. Selected as a Sample Entrepreneur in 2008

. Ranking of the country’s special cooperative rank in 2009

. Member of the International Union of Cooperatives;; ICA

. Acquiring the Golden Statue of the National Coalition Excellence Award from 2014 to 1395

. Receiving the International Technology Award and Top Quality in the High-Speed Internet Services from the European Union

. Get a Worldwide Accreditation Certificate Approved by the Accreditation Center (USAS)

. Receive the highlight of the top co-operative excellence in technology and telecommunications services of the Internet Star of the Internet from 2009 to 2011;

. Selected National Biennial of ITA (Top Internet Country Provider)

. Top star of the National Technology and Innovation Award

. Get the golden badge of corporate success in providing superior services

. Star of Internet content production in 2011

. Top Performer; RFID; Iran in 2009

. Selected congress of top faces of industry and trade in 2010

. Provincial Entrepreneur in the field of Industry and Services and the Younger Provincial Entrepreneur of the Province in 1393 and 1395

. Exporter of Provincial Technical and Engineering Services in 1395

. Get the top statue of the province’s premier cooperative in the year 96